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ZIM FLUGSITZ and AIRBUS signed BFE agreement

During the inauguration of ZIM FLUGSITZ new plant in Schwerin, ZIM FLUGSITZ and AIRBUS signed the BFE agreement for Economy, Premium Economy and mechanical Business Class Seats.

ZIMunique, ZIMflexible, ZIMmagic and ZIMluxury will be admitted to the AIRBUS BFE catalogue this summer, progressively approved for the A380, A330 and A320 family.
Tim Sommer, VP Seats and Electronics Procurement Cabin: “2012 the relationship began with an AIRBUS VIP seat integration. 5 years later we are glad to announce that ZIM seats will be visible in the Airbus catalogue for potential future customer applications on A320 & A330 Families, the A380 and in the future even for the A350 XWB. AIRBUS needs innovative, reliable suppliers who fulfill the high requirements of AIRBUS.”

von links: Peter Zimmermann, Tim Sommer, Angelika Zimmermann

After starting on the retro-fit market with highly customized seats the entrance into the BFE catalogue is the logical next step on the way forward of ZIM FLUGSITZ. “To satisfy our customers for their whole aircraft fleet we have to deliver into each kind of aircraft independent of the size or the age of the aircraft.” Angelika Zimmermann, president of the company, said.
The location of the new facility close to Hamburg will enable ZIM FLUGSITZ to support the AIRBUS assembly line in Germany as well as to deliver to each chosen assembly location.
For Frank Parsch, ZIM FLUGSITZ Head of Sales, this agreement is an important step forward on the way to expand and to implement ZIM FLUGSITZ products in new innovative aircrafts. It shows the confidence in the mid-sized German company.